Some train departures from “Tashkent-Markaziy” station will be temporarily closed



From July 15 to August 15, most trains that typically pass through the "Tashkent-Markaziy" (North) station will instead depart from the "Tashkent-South" station, as announced by the Ministry of Transport.

This change is due to ongoing repair work on the railway segment between the "Toqimachi" and "Tashkent Yolovchi" stations.

Therefore, all trains, except for those on the "Almaota-Tashkent-Almaota," "Tashkent-Novosibirsk-Tashkent," "Tashkent-Samara-Tashkent," and intercity "Tashkent-Hojikent-Tashkent" routes, will now depart from the "Tashkent-Central" station. All other passenger trains will commence their journeys from the Tashkent-South station.

Specifically, high-speed electric trains like "Afrosiyob," "Sharq," "Nasaf," and passenger trains on routes "Tashkent-Andijan-Tashkent," "Tashkent-Volgograd-Tashkent," "Dushanbe-Tashkent-Dushanbe," and "Tashkent-Janubiy" will operate from the Tashkent-South station for the duration of the month.

Ticket offices at both "Tashkent-Markaziy" and "Tashkent-Janubiy" stations will remain open 24/7, and tickets can also be bought online.

Additionally, for the next month, free bus services will be available to transport passengers who either bought their tickets at "Tashkent-Markaziy" station before departure or mistakenly arrived at the Central station, taking them to the "Tashkent-Janubiy" station.


poezd temiryo'l Toshkent-Markaziy

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