The citizen who assaulted the journalist and cameraman was sentenced



On August 12, 2023, the overpass leading to Tashkent International Airport collapsed. The assault on the "Zoʻr TV" journalist and cameraman, who were investigating the situation, sparked extensive discussions.

The "Uzbekistan Railways" joint-stock company also issued an official response, stating that a working group was promptly formed, and Nadir Eshniyazov was dismissed in accordance with relevant clauses of the Labor Code.

Today, on December 6, the Mirabad district court on criminal cases sentenced the individual responsible for assaulting the "Zoʻr TV" employees. This information was reported to QALAMPIR UZ by the press service of Tashkent City Courts.

According to the report, the defendant, Nadir Eshniyazov, was found guilty of the offenses specified in clauses "a" and "g" of Article 277, part 3 of the Criminal Code. Initially, he was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment. Article 72 of the Criminal Code was applied, resulting in a conditional sentence of 2 years of probation for the defendant.

Additionally, the defendant will be required to pay 23,755,641 soums as compensation for the damage caused.


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