Why are state organizations in Uzbekistan not disclosing all required information?



During a monitoring initiative conducted by the anti-corruption agency to assess compliance with legislation on transparency, it was revealed that state organizations in Uzbekistan are not fully disclosing all required information. The agency's press service reported that, among 93 ministries, departments, and local government bodies surveyed in the third quarter of 2023, only half of the mandated 1,103 pieces of information were disclosed. This monitoring evaluated the publication of 35 categories of socially important information outlined in the decree No. PF-6247 by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The overall efficiency recorded across these entities was 52%, signifying the release of 577 out of the required 1,103 pieces of information. The breakdown of efficiency showed varying percentages among different entities: ministries achieved 66%, committees 56%, agencies 54%, governments 56%, state-affiliated organizations 43%, banks 32%, and central institutions 31%.

Consequently, the agency submitted recommendations for disciplinary actions against responsible employees who failed to meet the transparency requirements to 23 state bodies and organizations.

The report included insights from 21 ministries, 7 committees, 11 agencies, 7 central institutions, 13 governorates, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, 23 state-owned organizations, and 10 banks. It analyzed the publication of information in specified resources as part of the monitoring process.


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