Uzbekistan falls in the FIFA ranking



In the latest ranking by the International Football Association (FIFA), the Uzbekistan national team has been placed 75th.

A deduction of 2.09 points was incurred by Uzbekistan following their loss to the USA national team during FIFA days. Meanwhile, the Uzbekistan national team earned 2.86 points for their draw against Mexico. Notably, the Israeli national team secured 9.7 points for their victory in the Euro-2024 qualifiers, which enabled them to surpass Uzbekistan and claim the 72nd spot.

Among Asian teams, Japan has achieved the highest ranking, securing the 19th position in the FIFA ratings. In this rating update, Iran improved its position by one place, now standing at 21st place, while South Korea advanced two places to claim the 26th position. Additionally, the Australian national team holds the 27th place.


Janubiy Koreya Yaponiya O'zbekiston milliy terma jamoasi

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