A staff member of Post Patrol Service sustained injuries during an altercation outside a nightclub



A video depicting several individuals resisting internal affairs officers has gone viral on social media, sparking various discussions. Capital HDIA has responded to the incident.

On February 22, around 11:30 p.m., five individuals (B.H., 33, N.Yo., 32, Sh.J., 33, M.I., 50, and Sh.O., 32) blatantly disregarded societal norms, shouting and causing disturbances while intoxicated in a public space, disturbing the peace of other citizens.

PPS officers on duty at the scene intervened, attempting to calm the individuals and suggesting they proceed to the district DIA to address the situation. However, the individuals failed to comply with the lawful instructions of the DIA personnel and actively resisted them, resulting in injuries to PPS inspector D. Tolipov.

The relevant documents pertaining to this incident have been forwarded to the Yunusobod district prosecutor's office, and it's reported that an investigation is underway.


Toshkent tungi klub PPX xodimi

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