A father who is a killer of his 3-year-old son is sentenced



A man who killed his 3-year-old son and left him in an abandoned ditch in the Sherabad district of Surkhandarya region has been sentenced. Aziz Obidov, Press Secretary of the Supreme Court, provided this information.

It is noted that a man born in 1996, residing in the "Nurtepa" neighborhood of the Sherabad District, married a girl two years younger than him in December 2018, and they had a son in 2021. Due to family disputes, in February 2022, the woman went to her father's house with her son.

"I applied for alimony after 8 months. From the day the alimony was issued, he started coming to pick me up. After he came a couple of times, the family didn't let him visit," said the woman.

A year later, the man, struggling to pay child support, began to suspect that the child was not his. As a result, on February 16 of this year, around 18:00, he went to his father-in-law's house under the influence of alcohol. Taking advantage of his absence, he brought his wife and son to his home.

Then he deliberately killed his 3-year-old son and disposed of his body in an abandoned ditch.

This court case was heard in the Sherabad District Criminal Court, where the defendant was sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment under Article 97 (Deliberate murder) of the Criminal Code, Part 2, Clause "v."

We would like to remind you that earlier in Jizzakh, a 22-year-old man killed his wife and 5-year-old child and set them on fire. This case was considered in the Gallaorol district court for criminal cases. The young man was found guilty under the second part of Article 97 and Article 134 of the Criminal Code and was sentenced to life imprisonment.


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