A new leader has been appointed to the DIA of Surkhandarya region




Today,on January 31, Colonel Temur Ismailov assumed the role of the head of the Internal Affairs Department, as reported by the regional government's information service.

On the same day, an urgent meeting addressing the service activities of internal affairs bodies took place under the guidance of Lieutenant-General Polat Bobojonov, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan, and Ulugbek Qosimov, the Governor of Surkhandarya Region. The meeting involved heads of regional, city, and district sectors, law enforcement, and other organizations.

During the meeting, the primary focus was on organizational matters, leading to the appointment of Colonel Temur Ismailov as the head of the Internal Affairs Department of Surkhandarya region.

For reference, Ismailov, born in 1983 in Tortkol district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, previously served as the head of the main department for combating terrorism and extremism at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It is worth noting that on January 30, Colonel Abduvokhid Ismailov, the former head of the Internal Affairs Department in Surkhandarya region, was designated as the new head of the Internal Affairs Department in the Kashkadarya region.


Surxondaryo IIB Temur Ismoilov

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