An individual from Uzbekistan who was shot in St. Petersburg has passed away in the hospital



Previously, it was reported that a person from Uzbekistan had been shot in St. Petersburg, Russia. It has now been confirmed that he succumbed to his injuries in the hospital, according to "".

Rustambek Aldayev, a 42-year-old Uzbek citizen who worked as the driver for Russian lawyer Victor Patrushev, passed away at Elizavetinskaya hospital on February 22.

The report indicates that the criminal case of attempted murder will be upgraded, with the investigation proceeding under Article 105, Part 2, Clause 3 of the Russian Criminal Code, which pertains to "Murder for hire".

On February 20, in the afternoon, the assailant shot the driver from a distance using a Makarov pistol. Despite undergoing several emergency surgeries after being admitted to the hospital, the man passed away on the second day.

A cartridge from the Makarov pistol was discovered at the murder scene, fueling speculation that the assailant may have mistaken the driver for the lawyer himself.


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