Teenager was “lynched” by a girl's brother after expressing his affection for her in Samarkand



Reports have surfaced on social media about a schoolboy being beaten in the Samarkand region, prompting a response from the children's ombudsman.

Preliminary information indicates that on May 16, a boy named B.S. was injured, according to a complaint received from his mother, J.I.

During a preliminary investigation, it was discovered that B.S., a 9th-grade student at School No. 20, had expressed his affection for a girl in the 6th grade at the same school. When the girl's brother learned of this, he took B.S. to his house on May 15, assaulted him, cut his hair and eyebrows with scissors, and then expelled him from the house.

On May 19, the Investigative Department of the Pastdargom District initiated a criminal case under Article 105, Part 1 of the Criminal Code (Intentional Infliction of Moderate Bodily Harm).

Additionally, the investigation is assessing other illegal actions committed against the minor B.S. Further information will be provided as the investigation progresses.


Samarqand samosud Pastdarg'om

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