More than a hundred Uzbeks are involved in forced labor in Russia



It has been discovered that more than a hundred Uzbeks are involved in forced labor in Russia. Uzbeks involved in forced labor in the Ural Federal District of Russia have been repatriated to their country. This was reported by the "Dunyo" agency.

According to information received from the Consulate General, in October of this year, citizens of Uzbekistan - H.S. and B.S. - addressed a representative of the U.D. Foreign Labor Migration Agency in Yekaterinburg. They informed him that the employers at the "Рефтинская птицефабрика" enterprise in the Sverdlovsk region had confiscated the citizenship passports of a group of Uzbeks and forced them to work without paying their salaries.

Based on their complaints, it was revealed that in September-October of this year, “Константа” LLC, registered in the Moscow region, had brought more than 100 Uzbeks to a large chicken farm in the Sverdlovsk region. These migrants were recruited to work in Russia without being provided with the necessary documents granting them the right to stay and work temporarily.
During the dialogue with these individuals, it was discovered that the Uzbeks had not received their monthly salaries for two months, and their passports had been confiscated.

Following negotiations with the management of the enterprise, 53 Uzbek citizens were given back their passports and assisted in returning to their homeland. The remaining individuals expressed their desire to pursue legal work opportunities in Yekaterinburg, Moscow, and other cities.

It is worth reminding that Uzbeks working in Russia had been previously warned about such situations.


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