The Muslim Board has warned against fraud on the way to Umrah



Recently, speeches on social networks showing the fraud of some citizens related to Umrah payments are provoking many discussions.  The Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan stated this situation.

According to the OMI, the Umrah trip is carried out based on the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 7 June 2017 No. 364 "On measures to further improve the organization and conduct of Hajj and Umrah events."

In the regulations on the organization and conduct of Hajj and Umrah events approved by this decision: - payments are made in all regional branches of the bank with special accounts opened in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions, and Tashkent.  Therefore, payments for "Hajj" and "Umra" trips are made only through the bank.  No citizen or official has the authority to accept funds related to blessed journeys.

Unfortunately, it is a bitter truth that some people abuse the trust of believers and take the money of our compatriots intending to perform Umrah by deception and appropriated it for their own goals, and everyone should be aware of this.", the office said in a statement.

It is noted that the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan performs the Umrah prayer based on the ready list of pilgrims provided by local governments.  That is, he is engaged in tasks such as obtaining visas for pilgrims, monitoring and welcoming them, and organizing prayers and pilgrimages in Saudi Arabia.  The processes before that, i.e. managing the Umrah queue and accepting payments from citizens, are not within the competence of the Religious Office.

"Users of social networks are asked to study the topic thoroughly before making a speech and to be careful not to spread information that harms the honor, value, and business reputation of the organization by linking the name of the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan with work that does not fall under its authority.

We remind you once again that spreading baseless information among the population is a sin according to the teachings of Islam, and a factor of responsibility under the law," concluded the official statement.

For information, daily direct flights to Saudi Arabia are operated by the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan for Umrah pilgrims.  By the end of the year, about 30,000 citizens are expected to pray during the autumn season.


Umra Musulmonlar idorasi Makka

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