Is a National Guardsman fired for praying for a raise salary in Mecca?



There have been circulating reports on social media suggesting that an Uzbek citizen prayed for increased salaries for National Guard employees in Makkah and subsequently got dismissed from their position. The National Guard's information service has responded to address this situation.

The National Guard's information service stated, "Certain individuals, not familiar with military service, have been spreading misinformation on social media about a 'National Guard employee dismissed for requesting a salary raise during their visit to Mecca.' We want to clarify that this information is entirely false, and the individual in question is not associated with the National Guard.”

Furthermore, the National Guard's information service urged Uzbek citizens not to believe such misleading news.

It is worth noting that in a previous incident in Sergeli district, Tashkent city, it was reported that a National Guard officer had a dispute with a citizen over the improper disposal of waste in an unmarked area.


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