Father faced a 10-day imprisonment for resisting his child's education in Fergana



A father in Fergana who opposed his child's schooling was jailed for 10 days. This incident was disclosed by the information service of the National Guard Department in the Ferghana region.

According to reports, a man born in 1981, residing in the village of Qumbosdi in the Uzbekistan district of the region, obstructed his child from attending the 45th school in the area. To address this and conduct preventive educational efforts, Senior Lieutenant D. Araqulov, an inspector-psychologist from the Uzbekistan district, contacted the child's parents.

However, the father's response was uncooperative, exhibiting behaviors contrary to societal norms. He adamantly refused to allow his son to resume schooling, disregarding any interventions. Additionally, he failed to comply with the legal requirements expected of a National Guard member.

"In 2024, the District Court of Uzbekistan reviewed the case documents and found this individual guilty of offenses outlined in Articles 18 (petty hooliganism) and 194 (Failure to comply with legal requirements of law enforcement personnel) of the Code of Administrative Responsibility. As a result, he was sentenced to a 10-day imprisonment," stated the report.





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