An internationally wanted Uzbek national is caught in the USA

Crime 19223

In the United States, a citizen who is wanted internationally for committing a major theft in Uzbekistan has been detained.  This is reported by the National Central Bureau of Interpol of Uzbekistan.

The National Central Bureau of Interpol of Uzbekistan, in cooperation with the officials of the authorized bodies of the United States of America, arrested an Uzbekistan citizen who has been wanted by the internal affairs authorities for committing a large-scale theft, provided for in part 4 of Article 169 of the Criminal Code.

Thus, as a result of negotiations, joint operational actions, and information exchange with the United States side, staff of the National Central Bureau of Interpol of Uzbekistan and the competent United States authorities adopted a decision on the expulsion of the person from the territory of the state.

The criminal was taken to Islam Karimov International Airport with the assistance of the US Immigration and Customs Service (ICE) and handed over to Interpol of Uzbekistan.

Sunnatilla Abdullayev Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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