Uzbek nationals who were involved in accidents in Kazakhstan will be repatriated to Uzbekistan via a special charter



Earlier, it was stated that eight Uzbek citizens lost their lives in a road accident on the Samara-Shymkent highway, passing through the village of Marjonbuloq in the Aqtobe region of Kazakhstan. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has ordered the repatriation and burial of the accident victims, as confirmed by the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

A government commission has been established to oversee the repatriation of the deceased via a special military aircraft provided by the Ministry of Defense, along with coordinating funeral arrangements. All necessary steps are being taken in this regard.

The report highlights ongoing communication between Uzbekistan's Ministry of Emergency Situations and their counterparts in Kazakhstan, aimed at collaborative efforts to investigate the accident's causes.

The Uzbekistan Embassy in Kazakhstan has stated that the Consulate General in Aqtau is actively collaborating with relevant Kazakhstani authorities regarding this matter. They have provided a contact number for further inquiries.

It's noteworthy that on January 11, seven Uzbek citizens tragically lost their lives in a traffic collision involving a truck and a minibus on the M-5 Ural highway in Russia's Penza region. Following the President's directive, the bodies of the deceased were repatriated to the Khorezm region on January 13.


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