Citizen stabs a student eight times in Kashkadarya



A civilian stabbed a student in Karshi, located in the Kashkadarya region, according to a report from the regional prosecutor's office.

On June 22 at 8:30 AM, a student from Karshi State University, identified as M.E., engaged in a quarrel with S.T. on the university premises. M.E., who knew S.T. previously, stabbed S.T. eight times in various parts of his body, resulting in severe injuries. Following this, M.E. inflicted stab wounds on himself by stabbing his own abdomen.

The Karshi city prosecutor's office has initiated a criminal case against M.E. under Article 25 (preparation and attempt to commit a crime) and Article 97 (intentional murder), part 1 of the Criminal Code.

"The victim is currently receiving medical treatment at the hospital under supervision. The suspect has been detained according to procedural guidelines. The preliminary investigation is being conducted by the city prosecutor's office," the report stated.


Jinoyat talaba Qashqadaryo

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