In two regions, individuals selling drugs by using counterfeit documents were apprehended



The State Security Service reported a prohibition on the sale of drugs lacking quality assurance and proper documentation in the Samarkand and Fergana regions.

During a swift operation conducted by the Safety Service of the State personnel in the Pastdargom district, it was discovered that a resident born in 1999, possessing a forged state registration certificate, had purchased 3,600 units of "S-Gen" drugs from China for 46 million soum. The individual was apprehended with physical evidence while selling the drugs.

Furthermore, 240 units of "ViVaNarin" medication lacking quality assurance and proper documentation were seized from the individual's apartment through legal procedures.

Similarly, a resident born in 1989 residing in Qoqon city was apprehended while attempting to dispatch drugs worth a total of 121 million soum. These included 2,400 units of "Ampicillin," 1,600 units of "Infera," 1,600 units of "Ferrovell jelesa hydroxid sucrose complex," and 125 units of "Gonadotropin chorionicheskiy," valued at 800 thousand soums, destined for pharmacies in Namangan city.

According to the Pharmaceutical Products Safety Center under the Ministry of Health, these drugs and medical products lack registration in the State Register, certification from the Certification Offices, and adherence to storage conditions. Therefore, their sale, transportation, and use in medical practice within the republic are prohibited.

The individuals involved were fined under Article 165-1 of the Code of Administrative Responsibility, as stated in the report.

It is worth recalling that previously, a woman from Fergana received a four-year prison sentence for unlawful drug possession.





Samarqand Farg'ona dori vositalari

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