Individuals who promised to facilitate the immigration of several citizens to the USA were arrested in two regions




Cases of fraud related to the promise of sending individuals to America have been exposed in Samarkand and Fergana, as reported by the State Security Service.

It is noted that a person born in Samarkand in 1979 gained the trust of a local citizen, promising to arrange their immigration to America via Mexico, and demanded 25 thousand US dollars. This individual was apprehended when they received 15,000 US dollars in advance in exchange for issuing documents.

Additionally, a person born in 1991, residing in the Past-Dargom district, entered into an agreement with an acquaintance, gained the trust of a local citizen, and promised to facilitate their journey to the United States through the Turkey-Armenia-Nicaragua-Mexico route. They demanded 23 thousand US dollars in return. However, both individuals were arrested when they received 12,000 US dollars in advance.

In Fergana, another individual was arrested after promising to arrange the immigration of a resident of Kokand to America and receiving 10,000 US dollars in return.

Currently, criminal cases have been initiated, and investigations are underway in connection with these incidents.


firibgarlik Samarqand Farg'ona

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