A service dog named “Emmy” found a firearm inside a Hyundai in Fergana



With the assistance of a service dog named "Emmy" in the Fergana region, the smuggling of air weapons across the customs border was thwarted. This information was relayed by the press service of the regional customs department.

It's mentioned that the senior officers at the Andarkhan border customs post of the Fergana region customs department, in collaboration with the border troops of the Safety Service of the State, carried out customs checks in accordance with procedures with the aid of a service dog named "Emmy."

During the inspection, the service dog signaled a particular area. Subsequently, inside the designated vehicle, one 4.5-caliber air pistol valued at 2 million soums, not declared during the customs officer's verbal inquiry and lacking relevant permits, along with one pneumatic pistol containing a gas cylinder, were discovered and seized as physical evidence.

The report indicates ongoing investigative efforts regarding this incident.


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