A teacher in Chirchiq, who physically abused a child and confined them to a restroom, has been terminated from their position



A video depicting a teacher striking a child at a Chirchiq kindergarten in the Tashkent region circulated widely on social media, prompting an official response from the Children's Ombudsman.

The incident reportedly occurred on February 8 at a private preschool in Chirchiq. The teacher, under personal stress, yelled at a crying child during lunchtime for being unable to nap, then proceeded to hit and lock them in the restroom.

Following the dissemination of video footage capturing the incident online, the educator was terminated under Article 161, Clause 5 of the Labor Code, citing severe violation of their employment obligations.

"The District Internal Affairs Bureau is currently investigating the matter until completion. The Children's Ombudsman is overseeing the situation," stated the Children's Ombudsman report.

Previously, at a kindergarten in Tashkent's Yunusabad district, a teacher reportedly threw a slipper at a child, resulting in a bloody hematoma.


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