I doubt the inspection of drugs at the border. The people of Uzbekistan are in danger – Ziyodulla Kushimov


The cold weather, the country’s problems with gas and electricity, peoples resignations... In recent days, Uzbeks have been busy analyzing these news.  However, one of the biggest tragedies of the republic - the incident of 20 children who died due to the drug “Dok-1 Max” – was forefront in someone’s mind today. 

But KALAMPIR.UZ is not going to ignore it!  The editors want to throw this topic back into the limelight because the culprits have not been found yet.

In order to analyze the topic in depth, we talked with the Uzbek pharmacologist, Doctor of Medicine Ziyodulla Kushimov, who works as a leading specialist and senior medical consultant at the Global Pharmaceutical Company in Virginia, USA.

He said that the biggest culprits for the deaths of children who passed due to the drug “Dok-1 Max” are the Agency for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Network under the Ministry of Health and the State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Products and Medical Equipment.

“The safety of medical devices and pharmaceutical products entering Uzbekistan should be ensured by this agency and center.  So, first of all, it is necessary to strengthen the healthcare system, strengthen its control and properly regulate it,” he says.

In addition, on 13 January, during a court session held at the Interdistrict Economic Court of Tashkent, the representative of “QURAMAX MEDICAL” LLC asked the authorities why “Dok-1 Max” syrup was not checked in the customs laboratories when it was taken across the border.  Why the toxic substance in the drug has not been identified so far, why is the sale of all QURAMAX drugs being discontinued even though the deficiency was observed only in “Dok-1 Max”?  Kushimov, a pharmacologist who has worked in Uzbekistan’s health care system for many years, said that Gulnora Zufarova, the head of the Agency for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Network, and the Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Devices and Medical Equipment  Gulchehra Boltaboyeva, a representative from the state center, shamed the entire healthcare system.

“While participating in court as a representative of the State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Devices and Medical Equipment, he could not answer the question about ethylene glycol while being the head of the laboratory.  “It is not within my authority,” he said.  If he can’t answer these simple questions, why did he come?  Why is he suing the Supreme Court to revoke the license of QURAMAX?  To be honest, he embarrassed the health care system during the trial.  After all, the authorized body that identified the substance ethylene glycol in the composition of the drug is the same Center, isn’t it?  After failing to answer the questions of the ordinary “QURAMAX MEDICAL” LLC lawyer, he should not mention India at all,” said the pharmacist.

In addition, he expressed his opinion on the issue of the doctor Mamatqul Azimov, who informed about the poisonous substance in the medicine, and proved that the ministry itself is to blame for the doctor’s delay in providing information about the medicine.

He said that the regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 13 of March 2018 “On the approval of the procedure for informing about cases of adverse reactions detected during the use of drugs”  ” command has not yet been received.  This order has not been officially announced, has not yet entered into force, and has not yet reached the hands of doctors and heads of state medical institutions.

Also, the “Online reporting of adverse reactions during the use of drugs” system, which has already been launched in all developed countries and serves to prevent many disasters, has not been launched for five years and is related to its creation.  In September 2022, the work came to a complete halt. “So what is the next step?”

What to do after a side effect of the drug is detected?  In this case, there should be a doctor who deals with these issues under that agency and center because a statistician-programmer may not know the difference.  However, a doctor understands and can determine.  It is necessary to study the side effects resulting from this on a global scale,” he added.



SSV Dok-1 Maks farmasevtika Ziyodulla Kushimov

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