An investigation into the beating of a 2-year-old boy in Bukhara is currently underway



Earlier reports indicated that a 2-year-old boy was physically assaulted by a teacher at a private kindergarten in the city of Kogon, Bukhara region. The Children's Ombudsman has informed that the investigation is currently underway by the city's Department of Internal Affairs.

It has been discovered that the incident involved a boy named O'.Q., born in 2021, who was subjected to physical abuse at a family kindergarten in Kogon on November 20 of this year. On that day, it was the child's first time attending the kindergarten, and he expressed distress by whimpering and crying. In response, the "educator" at the institution reportedly hit the child and attempted to discipline him.

The Ombudsman reports that the Kogon city police department is actively investigating this incident. A court-ordered medical examination has been scheduled for the minor, O'.Q.

It is worth noting that a separate incident was previously reported involving a intoxicated woman brutally beating her daughter in the Mirza Ulugbek district of Tashkent city.


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