“Children are not poisoned by iodine,” - Elmira Bositkhonova



Elmira Bositkhonova, Deputy Minister of Health, stated at a press conference in Namangan that the mass poisoning of children in the Chust district was not caused by medication, as reported by the regional administration.

The conference was held at the Namangan branch of the Republican Emergency Medical Research Center and was attended by Deputy Minister of Health Elmira Bositkhonova, Deputy Governor of Namangan Region Botirjon Nuriddinov, and members of the mass media.

According to Bositkhonova, 85 percent of the young children have recovered and are now allowed to return home. The condition of the children, as registered at the beginning of the day, is also improving.

During the conversation, the Deputy Minister stated that preliminary investigations indicate that the unpleasant condition observed in the children was not caused by drug or food poisoning. Furthermore, she mentioned that about 20 analysis conclusions have been received. After the results of the in-depth analysis, the Deputy Minister intends to provide further clarification on the situation.

Elmira Bositkhonova, the head of the Republican working group, emphasized, "It is important not to believe various messages circulating on social networks. In such situations, it is crucial to rely solely on the opinions of experts and to disseminate accurate information."

As a reminder, on September 22, Elmira Bositkhonova had previously informed QALAMPIR.UZ in an interview that preliminary analysis results indicated that the children's poisoning was not caused by medication.


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