Those who “signal” about the illegal occupation of the land will be encouraged



Hereinafter, those who report on the arbitrary acquisition of land will be encouraged. This is stated in the regulation on the conduct of state land-cadaster control, approved by the decision of Cabinet of Ministers, 14 April.

According to the regulation, land control is carried out by the authorities (khokimiyats), the Cadastral Agency, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Committee on Ecology.
Cadastral control is carried out by the Cadastral Agency.

Land inspection will be carried out on the following grounds within a period not exceeding 10 working days:
- violations of land monitoring legislation;
- violations of the law via the electronic system and when comparing aerospace images of the land;
- complaints of violations of land law;
- based on media or social media reports;
- when courts and other authorities receive information about land offenses.

Cadastral control consists in providing the cadastral authorities with information for inclusion in the Unified System of State Cadastral, as well as in monitoring the compliance of legal entities and individuals with cadastral legislation.

Those who report land occupancy will be rewarded with 10% of Basic Calculation Amount (BCA) (27,000 som).



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