The marriage among the children of brother and sisters may be prohiibted in Uzbekistan

Local 12136

In Uzbekistan, godparents of brothers (sisters) may be prohibited.  This is mentioned in the draft law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On amendments and additions to the Family Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan".

According to the draft law:

1) To improve the system of implementation of family rights and fulfillment of family obligations, Article 10 of the Family Code is supplemented with the following provisions:

"In the family, husband and wife exercise personal and property rights, resolve internal family issues, raise children, take care of their well-being and development, as well as take care of their parents, fulfilling their obligations.

In family-legal relations, family members: spouses, parents, and children (adopters and adoptees) have equal rights and obligations."

2) The right of the participants of family relations whose personal rights and interests have been violated to protect their rights through the court, to demand compensation for material and moral damage caused (Article 11).

3) Sideline (between close relatives, related by genealogy, between biological and half-brothers and sisters, between close relatives by sideline) (Article 16).

4) In the marriage contract, the rights and obligations of the parties to be married as future parents regarding the education and upbringing of the child and their financial support are determined (Article 29).

5) According to paragraph 15 of the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PF-5938 of February 18, 2020, amendments are being made to Article 40 of the Family Code due to the termination of the reconciliation commission and the establishment of the commission for strengthening family values in its place.

6) Provisions aimed at ensuring compatibility between Article 49 and Article 54 of the Code on invalidating a fake marriage are provided.

7) It is determined that the parent (mother) living separately from the child has the right to communicate with the child and the obligation to participate in solving the issue of his upbringing and education (Article 76).

8) Requirements for persons who can adopt children are being strengthened.  In particular, persons who have been married to each other for at least two years, as well as male or female citizens who have reached the age of twenty-five can be adopters, as well as the introduction of a trial period by the court before deciding on adoption. is determined (Article 152).

Sunnatilla Abdullayev Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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