Uzbekistan discusses the Qosh Tepa canal issue with the Taliban



Uzbekistan is set to engage in discussions regarding the Qosh Tepa canal issue with the Taliban government of Afghanistan. Ulugbek Kasimov, the governor of Surkhandarya region, made this announcement.


According to Kasimov, a delegation from the Uzbekistani government will be dispatched to Afghanistan by the end of the year.


He stated, "As of now, the Afghan side has not opened the canal. What they demonstrated yesterday was seepage (leakage from the ground). Construction work on the river remains incomplete. However, whether we like it or not, the opening of the Qosh Tepa canal affects the volume of water, leading to its reduction. Developing this canal will take years, and its construction alone will not suffice."


Kasimov mentioned that experts will be necessary for the canal's excavation. Additionally, there is a need for land development and water utilization.


"Development also necessitates a substantial amount of funding. This issue concerns us all, and it will be addressed at the intergovernmental level," he added.


The regional governor informed that a government delegation was formed on the President's orders to assess the situation, including his own participation.


"If we go, we will certainly raise the issue of water distribution. Currently, the timing of our visit is under consideration. We have sent letters to them, and the visit is planned for a month and a half from now," he explained.


For reference, the Qosh Tepa canal originates from the Kaldar district of Balkh province in Afghanistan, passes through Jauzjan province, and reaches the Andkhoy district of Faryab province. The canal is 280 kilometers in length and 100 meters in width.


President Shavkat Mirziyoyev expressed his concerns about the construction of the Qosh tepa canal, highlighting that its launch could significantly alter the water balance in Central Asia.


He stated, "Essentially, a new participant in the regional water usage process has emerged, one not bound by any obligations to our countries. In light of this, we propose considering involving Afghan representatives in regional dialogues on joint water resource management."


In response to President Mirziyoyev's words, Abdul Latif Mansour, acting as the Minister of Energy and Water for the Taliban, expressed Afghanistan's readiness to discuss the use of Amudarya water with neighboring countries.


It's worth noting that the "Taliban" has completed the first stage of the Qosh Tepa canal's construction and initiated the second stage.


Earlier, Boriy Alikhanov, the chairman of the Oliy Majlis Senate's committee on the development and ecology of the Aral Bay region, had raised concerns about the water shortage that Uzbekistan may face in the future.


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