What is Uzbekistan's ranking in terms of mobile internet prices?

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Uzbekistan holds the 43rd position out of 179 countries in the Mobile Data Affordability Index, which assesses mobile internet accessibility relative to the average income in the nation. This ranking was published on the index's website.

To gauge mobile data affordability, researchers compared the average cost of a monthly mobile plan offering over 10 GB of data with the average income.

In the CIS region, Russia ranks 26th, Uzbekistan 43rd, Armenia 55th, Belarus 61st, Kazakhstan 63rd, Kyrgyzstan 90th, Azerbaijan 114th, and Tajikistan 163rd.

Afghanistan occupies the 161st position in internet access, trailing Tajikistan by two places.

Globally, the average cost of a monthly mobile plan with over 10 GB of data is $24.20, representing 4.1% of individuals' income.

Within the CIS nations, Kyrgyzstan leads in internet pricing at 8th place ($0.17 per GB), followed by Russia at 15th ($0.25), Uzbekistan at 22nd ($0.30), Kazakhstan at 35th ($0.41), Belarus at 66th ($0.67), Armenia at 88th ($0.98), and Azerbaijan at 146th ($1.76).


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