A response was given to Uzbek migrants in Orlov from Tashkent who were drafted into the war



The Foreign Labor Migration Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan has taken control of the fact that people engaged in temporary labor activities in the Orlov Region are being mobilized, sent a summons to them, and are being recruited into the war.  This was reported on the agency's Telegram channel.

"In connection with the news that spread on social networks about calls for the mobilization of Uzbek labor migrants temporarily working in the Orlov region of the Russian Federation, a working group consisting of representatives of the embassy of our country in Moscow and the representative office of the Foreign Labor Migration Agency in the Russian Federation was taken under control and the organization communication was established with the leadership and citizens, and they went to the place of the incident," the official message said.

It is noted that additional information will be provided on the results of studies.

The Foreign Labor Migration Agency has asked Uzbek labor migrants in Russia not to participate in military operations, not to go to conflict areas, and if they encounter such situations, to contact the Foreign Labor Migration Agency and other authorized organizations.

It should be noted that the employees of the waste processing enterprise of the joint-stock company "EcoCity" in Orlov received a call for mobilization.  50 people have been conscripted into military service, half of them are citizens of Uzbekistan.  Yuriy Parakhin, head of the enterprise, disclosed information about this terrible fact.



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