What is the secret behind the death of an employee of the Department of Internal Affairs in Tashkent?


We recently reported that an Internal Affairs officer was killed while performing his duty in the Olmazor district of Tashkent.  Soon after, the person suspected of taking the life of Senior Lieutenant N. Bobomurodov, preventive inspector of the Coordination Department of the Internal Affairs Agency, was arrested.

The sister of the citizen suspected of murder, called the editorial office of QALAMPIR.UZ saying that the information provided by the MIA was untrue and that her brother had been murdered because of jealousy when the suspect saw his wife sitting in a car with the MIA officer in the middle of the night.

But the Ministry of Internal Affairs denies this information.

"The citizen's wife called the prevention inspector in her neighborhood and complained that her husband was harassing her.  Our employee went to the scene.  Frankly speaking, Inspector Bobomurodov did not know that the petitioner's husband was really at that level [of jealousy].  As a result, the woman's husband came and stabbed her twice.  These are the details of what happened," said Colonel Hamza Mahsumov, deputy head of the Department of Spiritual-Educational Affairs and Staffing of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The press secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Shahrukh Giyosov, made some changes to the details and added that the person accused of the crime is not the woman's legal husband.

"That woman is not his legal spouse, she just lived with him.  Our employee, therefore, defended the woman.  He brought her in as a preventive measure.  The young man chased after him. When he got down, he stabbed him in the leg.  While the employee was distracted, he was stabbed in the heart.  Therefore, do not interpret this situation differently.  There is no jealousy or otherwise related issue here," says Giyosov.

We remind you that at the moment, a criminal case has been initiated by the Tashkent city prosecutor's office in connection with the situation under Article 97 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan ("Intentional murder").



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