In Tashkent, a man commits suicide by jumping from the 15th floor



In Tashkent, reports surfaced on social media regarding a man's suicide from the 15th floor. Seeking clarification, QALAMPIR.UZ reached out to Hayat Shamsutdinov, the spokesperson of the General Prosecutor's Office.

On November 18 of this year, according to the information received by the Department of Coordination of the Activities of Internal Affairs Bodies of Yunusabad District, the citizen born in 1991 H.Sh. He committed suicide by jumping from the 15th floor of the Manzara residential complex, Yunusabad district.

It was discovered that H.Sh. and RN, born in 2000, cohabited without formal marriage in this residence. Two days prior to the incident, H.Sh. had confided in his partner, expressing a desire to "fly in the sky." Notably, the man had been under psychiatric care for schizophrenia since 2020.

On November 18, H.Sh. instructed his partner, N.R., to stay home from work, but sadly, he committed suicide before N.R. returned from work.

Presently, the district prosecutor's office is investigating the case, aiming to ascertain the motives behind the suicide.

It is worth noting that previously, in Bukhara city, a 23-year-old man from Khorezm took his own life by throwing himself under a bus.


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