An ambulance paramedic who allegedly raped a female patient is arrested in Tashkent



Earlier, we reported that an emergency medical worker, who responded to a call, committed a shameless act by injecting a female patient and using anesthesia on her. A criminal case was initiated in connection with this situation. Nilufar Madiyeva, Information Service Officer of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Tashkent City, informed QALAMPIR.UZ about this.

According to Nilufar Madiyeva, a criminal case was initiated under Article 119 of the Criminal Code (Satisfaction of sexual desire in an unnatural way using force) in connection with the inappropriate behavior of the ambulance paramedic who responded to the call.

Currently, the necessary expertise has been appointed, and investigative efforts are underway.

"A legal decision will be made in the end," says Madiyeva.

The suspected paramedic is currently in custody but has not yet been booked.

Yesterday, on November 20, the Ministry of Health reacted to this situation, albeit belatedly, and asked not to interpret the situation differently.


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