Which products become more expensive and which become cheaper in the markets of Tashkent?



The Institute of Macroeconomic and Territorial Studies has reported that the prices of cabbage, tomatoes, and cucumbers have significantly decreased in the markets of Uzbekistan.

In June 2024, experts from the Institute of Macroeconomics and Regional Studies conducted a price monitoring survey of 21 food products in major supermarket chains in Tashkent.

The survey results revealed that the minimum prices for 16 products have decreased compared to the previous month.

The prices of cabbage (-59.4%), tomatoes (-51.7%), and cucumbers (-51.7%) have dropped the most.

Other products with notable price reductions include:

  • Yellow onion: -29.7%
  • Margarine: -25%
  • Pasta: -23.8%
  • Chicken eggs: -21.7%
  • Rice: -16.6%
  • Wheat flour: -15.8%
  • Beets: -15.5%
  • Lemon: -15%
  • Beef (filet): -12.3%
  • Buckwheat: -11.2%

According to the institute, the prices of chicken meat (filet) and milk have remained unchanged.

On the other hand, potatoes have seen a significant price increase.

"The short-term increase in the price of potatoes is due to temporary market factors and changes in supply and demand," the report stated.


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