The Tashkent administration allocates 10 billion soums for “conversation over a cup of tea”"



The funds will be used for organizing events such as "Teacher's Teahouse," "Meeting of Three Generations," "Grandmothers' School," and "Conversation over a Cup of Tea," as decided by the Tashkent city administration on November 23, 2023, under the leadership of Mayor Shavkat Umrzakov.

This decision aligns with the resolution of the Tashkent City Council of People's Deputies on April 22, 2022, titled "On the Allocation of Additional Resources of the Tashkent City Budget in 2022 to Expenses." According to this resolution, the Tashkent city branch of the "Nuroni" fund will manage the monthly events, including "Fathers' Teahouse," "Generation Meeting," "Grandmothers' School," and other similar gatherings, along with activities like "Conversation over a Cup of Tea" and award ceremonies.

It is important to note that the allocated 10 billion soums will cover the expenses for these events. To facilitate the organization and recognition of these activities, the document specifies that 500 million soums will be drawn from the local budget of the city of Tashkent, exceeding the plan for the second quarter of the current year.

The responsibility for transferring the allocated funds to the Tashkent branch of the "Nuroni" fund falls upon the first deputy mayor of Tashkent.


Toshkent qaror hokimlik Shavkat Umurzoqov

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