Mirziyoyev visited the grave of the First President



Today, September 2, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev went to the Hazrat Khizr complex in Samarkand and visited the mausoleum of Islam Karimov, the First President of Uzbekistan.  This was reported by the President’s press service.

At the ceremony, flowers were laid at the grave of Islam Karimov and tributes were paid to the memory of the First President.  Quranic verses were recited and prayers were recited.  Members of parliament and government, representatives of public organizations, labor veterans took part in the event.

After the event, the head of state returned to Tashkent.

For information, in accordance with the decision of Shavkat Mirziyoyev on January 25, 2017, work was done to perpetuate the memory of the First President.  Large complexes in the country, central streets in cities are named after Islam Karimov.  A scientific and educational memorial complex named after Islam Karimov was established in Tashkent, and a mausoleum was built in Samarkand.


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