The procedure for paid internship for students has been established



The government, by Decision No. 11 dated January 8 of this year, has approved the regulation for organizing paid internships at enterprises within economic sectors for students of higher education institutions. This update was announced by the Ministry of Justice.

According to these regulations, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation will annually conduct a competition for students, offering 500 internship positions (45 in Tashkent, 35 in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and regions).

Students interested in participating must personally, by mail, or electronically submit their applications to their respective higher education institutions.

The eligibility criteria include being a graduate student, pursuing a field of study that aligns with the enterprise's activities, and being a resident of Uzbekistan.

Once the higher education institution forwards the students' details to the Special Commission with a referral letter within 5 working days, the Commission reviews the applications within the same period, deciding on participation or rejection.

Subsequently, the Commission presents the work plan for student practice within 20 days, finalizing decisions within 10 working days after. Results will then be published on the Ministry's official website.

The internship, specified between 1 month to 3 hours, aligns with the curriculum schedule. Notably, there is no trial period for the student's internship.

Winning students' internship costs will be reimbursed within 15 days after the final decision, including a salary twice the BCA and their calculated social tax, transferred to the appropriate account.

It's important to note that this regulation excludes military and paramilitary higher education institutions.


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