A significant portion of Surkhandarya is currently without gas.



Today, on December 28, due to an accident in the main gas pipeline between Muzrabot and Dushanbe that passes through the Surkhandarya region, numerous districts in the area have been disconnected from the gas supply. This information was reported by the press service of the regional government.

Reports indicate that the incident took place in the D-700 mm main gas pipeline between the 101st and 190th kilometers of the 'Muzrabot-Dushanbe' pipeline, passing through the 'Polvontash' neighborhood of Bandikhon district. The 'Hududgaz Surkhondaryo' gas supply branch is currently working to rectify the issue and restore the natural gas supply. Consequently, natural gas supply to consumers in the following cities and districts of the region has been temporarily suspended from 6:30 a.m.:

- Termiz city
- Bandikhan district
- Qiziriq district
- Muzrabot district
- Termiz district
- Jarkurgan district
- Angor district
- Sherabad district
- Kumkurgan district

"The gas supply branch extends apologies to all natural gas consumers for the inconvenience caused and assures that immediate measures are being taken to restore the supply in the near future," the message conveyed.

Additionally, to enhance convenience for drivers and to manage potential long queues during emergencies, certain gas stations in Denov, Kumkurgan, Sariosiyo, Altinsoy, Shorchi, and Uzun districts have switched to a 24-hour operating mode.


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