The Senate committees are studying the draft law on discrediting the officials of the body - Tanzila Norboyeva




The Senate committees are currently reviewing a draft law concerning the discrediting of officials within the body, as stated by Tanzila Norboyeva, the Chairman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis. Norboyeva shared in an interview with BBC Uzbek service that the draft law addresses the responsibility for sharing photos and videos of internal affairs officials on the internet with the intent to discredit.

Tanzila Norboyeva explained that there are varying opinions on the law, emphasizing the priority of an open policy. The legislative process is transparent, involving public attention and opinion. The law was initially passed in the legislature, where diverse opinions were expressed. Despite this, the law advanced to the Senate for consideration. Each committee is currently tasked with studying the law. Norboyeva mentioned that only one committee's opinion is known so far, and the Senate council will express its stance and decide after all committees review and provide conclusions on whether the law aligns with international experience and obligations.

A reminder is given about the draft law related to amendments in the Criminal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure, and the Code of Administrative Responsibility of the Republic of Uzbekistan, aiming to enhance the road safety system. Despite opposition from deputies like Daniyor Ganiyev and Umidjon Jabbarov, the law was accepted in the third reading and sent to the Senate.

The question arises about whether former official Burkhanov is acting as a lawyer for the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Senate. However, no further information is provided in this regard.

On January 11, the Senate Defense and Security Committee deliberated on the law. It was noted that several developed countries prohibit photographing law enforcement officers and establish specific measures. Nevertheless, the BBC Uzbek Service later investigated the examples presented by the Senate and discovered that the information was either false or inaccurate.


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