Saida Mirziyoyeva laid a table for Uzbeks in the USA (photo report)



Saida Mirziyoyeva, the eldest daughter of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, head of the Communications and Information Policy Department under the Executive Office of the Presidential Administration, is currently in the United States. She met with representatives of the Uzbek diaspora in New York.

Mayor of New York Eric Adams also attended the meeting.

"It was very nice for me to congratulate them on the spring holiday - Navruz," Mirziyoyeva, who led the festive evening for Uzbeks in the United States said.

The event was attended by Uzbeks who have achieved many achievements while living in the USA, including the People's Artists of Uzbekistan Ezro Malakov and Mukhabbat Shamayeva.

"We had a very warm conversation with our compatriots. I told them about the huge reforms being implemented in our country, and I witnessed that they are also interested in the changes taking place in our country.

It is very gratifying that most of our compatriots have not moved away from their historical homeland and are striving to strengthen cultural, political, and economic ties between the USA and Uzbekistan through the implementation of various projects.

"I am grateful to such compatriots who benefit our Motherland even though they are thousands of kilometers away from their homeland," Mirziyoyeva said.


Saida Mirziyoeva

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