When will the restoration of the emir of Bukhara's palace, allocated 3.1 billion soums, be completed?



Previously, there were social media reports that the "Mirzachorbog" palace in Karmana district, listed as a cultural heritage site, remains neglected. The Cultural Heritage Agency responded to this situation.

“Presently, allocated funds for repairing and restoring the palace are being utilized according to established procedures. Contracts have been signed between the Directorate Center for the Restoration of Cultural Heritage Objects and the contracted organization, and repair works are progressing based on project estimates.

Due to the monument's complexity and scale, its completion is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2025,” the report stated.

The Cultural Heritage Agency expressed appreciation for public awareness and support in preserving cultural heritage sites.

The "Mirzachorbog" palace, once the summer residence of Emir Sayyed Abdulahadkhon, holds significance not only for its historical value but also for showcasing painting, engraving, and wood carving typical of its era.

In 2020, the Ministry of Culture included the palace in its program for repairing and restoring cultural heritage sites due to its deterioration within the "Kohnaqorgon" neighborhood in the Karmana district of Navoi region. An allocation of 3.1 billion soums from the budget was reported for its restoration.


Buxoro Restavratsiya Mirzachorbog'

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