In the referendum, the results in three precincts were declared invalid



The Central Election Commission has reported that violations were detected in three referendum precincts in Uzbekistan on 30th April.  Specifically, precincts No. 226 in the 8th Syrdarya region district, No. 651 in the 10th Tashkent regional district, and No. 772 in the 14th Tashkent city district were found to have commission members filling out multiple ballots themselves, throwing ballots into the ballot box, and incorrectly indicating the number of voters.  These actions cast doubt on the integrity of the voting results in these precincts.  

In accordance with Article 38 of the Law "On the Referendum of the Republic of Uzbekistan", the Central Election Commission has declared the voting results of these precincts invalid.  The violation that affected the voting results led to the decision to invalidate them.  


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