Ravshan Ermatov will be a referee expert for the Russian Football Union

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Vice-president of the Football Association of Uzbekistan and former referee Ravshan Ermatov will soon become a permanent member of the committee of Expert-Referees of the Russian Football Union (RFI).  This was reported by the Russian "Sport-Express" publication.

According to the source, RFI is negotiating with several high-profile former referees.  They may become members of the committee of Expert Referees of the Russian Football Union in the future.

For reference, 44-year-old Ermatov played 11 matches in the World Cup during his career, which is a record.  Ravshan Ermatov was named the best referee in the world in 2015.  He finished his refereeing career at the end of 2019.

Ma’ruf Abdumalikov Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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