Will Rasul Kusherboyev become the mayor of Tashkent?



Recently, QALAMPIR.UZ published a series of video materials about the opinion of the residents of the capital about the resignation of Bakhtiyor Rahmonov, who took over the temporary role of the mayor of Tashkent, as well as the resignation of the former mayor Jahangir Ortiqkhojayev.

In the comments of these videos, not only Tashkent residents, but also many citizens suggested that former deputy Rasul Kusherboyev should be the mayor of Tashkent city.  When such proposals began to be expressed on other social networks, Kusherboyev himself reacted to it.

“When I got up in the morning, this talk had spread.  I was surprised that people wanted this, but  obviously not the leadership because whether you like it or not, there are a lot of illegal assignments for governors in the authorities.  Therefore, governors perform illegal tasks whether they want to or not.  For example, a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held in Samarkand last year.  At that time, many buildings along the road were destroyed, so that guests would walk along the railway in Tashkent region.  The government gave a protocol to demolish it within 10-15 days.  However, according to the law and according to the government’s decision No. 460, the illegality of a device must be determined by the court which would take at least 1-1.5 months.  They are given 15 days.  The mayor of Yangiyol denied that this was the government’s task, despite the law.  As a result, the law was broken.  But when it came to him, both the prosecutor and the other turned a blind eye.  This is because it is a task of the government.  Therefore, illegal assignments are given to governors, and in the current conditions, any talented and educated person can be broken by such things,” says Kusherboyev in his video message.  Therefore, Kusherboyev said that he does not want to receive illegal assignments or work in a place where illegal work may be carried out.

“But in the current situation, even if such an offer is made to me, I will refuse it.  I know this is the wish of the people, but not of the management.  There will be many illegal assignments and I don’t want to do them.  Sorry, brothers!”  he said.

Continuing his thoughts, Kusherboyev suggested that it is now necessary to return to the way of appointing governors and to switch to the election system as soon as possible.

“Right now, the management is not paying attention to me.  Although people want it, we don’t always take into account people’s wishes.  If the elections are held and governors are elected, it would be another matter.  Now our governors are not elected, they are appointed.  That’s why we need to switch to the system of election of governors.  “I think that our people, who can elect the president and deputies without mistake, can also elect their governor,” said the former deputy.

We remind you that earlier Rasul Kusherboyev decided to leave the parliament because his opinion was not heard.


Toshkent hokim Ortiqxo'jaev Kusherboev

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