An accident involving 26 vehicles occurred on the Almaty-Tashkent highway



Yesterday, January 31, a significant collision involving cars, trucks, and passenger buses happened on the 567th kilometer of the Almaty-Tashkent highway. This information was reported by the Emergency Situations Department's press service in the Jambil region of Kazakhstan.

The incident occurred in the Jualin district of the region, and the accident victims were transported to Jualin Central Hospital in the village of Bauyrjan Momishuli.

"Currently, initial medical assistance is being provided to 25 injured individuals, one of whom is a minor with a moderate condition. Four patients are in intensive care, five are in the surgical department, and 15 others have sustained various degrees of physical injuries," stated the regional health department in their message.

The DIA press service in the Jambil region reported that adverse weather conditions (ice, limited visibility, and a snowstorm) contributed to the collision involving 26 vehicles - four passenger buses, four trucks, and 18 cars.

As of now, traffic is open on the 593-534 km section of the "Olmaota-Tashkent" republic highway, and efforts are underway to clear the roads.


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