Hotels in Uzbekistan, even if they are 5 stars, should reflect Uzbek nationality.

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Hotels in Uzbekistan, even if they are 5 stars, should reflect Uzbek nationality.  The proposal in the form of a demand, which reflects the external interference in the activities of the business entity, was issued by the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Uzbekistan Ozodbek Nazarbekov.  The minister spoke about this after the "Hotel Business Forum" organized in cooperation with the Association of Hoteliers.

"It should be said that the owners of hotels, hostels, and family guesthouses serving foreign tourists should pay special attention to furnishing and interior design combining hi-tech, national, and classical styles.  Even the most modern 5-star hotels should have details that reflect our nationality and identity," said Minister Nazarbekov.

It is unclear to us whether such a requirement, which is not set for hotels in any country in the world, will be reflected in the legislation, whether hotels will be decorated in the national spirit from now on, but in Nazarbekov's opinion, this will form an image for every tourist, first and foremost, about Uzbekistan.  It also serves to gain an understanding of the customs, traditions, and values of our people.

"We think that this forum will bring together the representatives of the tourism industry in one place and exchange opinions and experiences on issues such as the development of international cooperation, the attraction of foreign investments, strengthening of cooperation in the field of IT, ecology, digitization of services, education and personnel issues.  The forum will serve as a platform for exchanging proposals," the minister wrote on his Telegram channel.

Today, several foreign hotels are operating in Uzbekistan, stretching as far as the USA, France, Turkey, India, and Pakistan.  It begs the question, how many businessmen who have invested millions of dollars in Uzbekistan and who have opened hotels would accept this proposal by Ozodbek Nazarbekov?



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