Viral Video Captures Confrontation Between Department of Internal Affairs Officers and Citizens 



A video depicting internal affairs officers beating and handcuffing two individuals has been circulating on social media.  In response to this incident, the Department of Internal Affairs of Namangan region has addressed the situation.

On the 27th of May this year at 00:10, during their night duty, preventive inspectors from the Department of Internal Affairs in the Uchkurgan district passed by a computer game room located on Chinor street, in the "Sanoat" neighborhood of the district.  At that time, they witnessed two citizens, identified as B.I and T.T, who were involved in a dispute, disturbing public order and causing a disturbance amongst the citizens.

When the officers attempted to intervene and restore order, the two individuals, both born in 1998, failed to comply with the officers' lawful instructions.  Instead, they actively resisted and continued their disruptive behavior.

As a result, the individuals were lawfully taken to the district Internal Affairs Department, where they were issued documents relating to their violations under Article 183 (petty hooliganism) and Article 194 (failure to comply with the lawful instructions of a law enforcement officer) of the Code of Administrative Responsibility.

Currently, the Department of Internal Affairs in the Uchkurgan district is conducting an investigation into the incident.


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