It Was Revealed that a Man Stabbed his Wife to Death in Front of Namangan State University



Misleading news circulated on social networks that a man had stabbed his daughter to death in front of the Namangan State University.  The news caused an uproar.

The Press Service of the Internal Affairs Department of the Namangan region reported that the man had infact, stabbed his wife, not his daughter to death.

According to the report, on the 6th of May at 12:00 a.m., an individual living in the Torakorgan district had an argument with his spouse in front of the building of Namangan State University following a family dispute.  This resulted in the man stabbing his wife to death.

A criminal case was initiated by the Namangan city prosecutor’s office under Article 97 of the Criminal Code, the suspect was detained in procedural order, and investigative efforts are currently underway.

It is worth noting that the Press Service of Namangan State University gave preliminary information on this situation, it happened around Uychi Street 316, Namangan city (the area where the university is located).




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