Mirziyoyev goes to the supermarket in Karshi (video)



Today, 24 February, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Karshi district and got to experience the life of the residents.  The head of state visited one of the supermarkets in the region, talked with people, and was interested in whether the products in the shopping center were acceptable.  The video describing the situation was released by the press secretary of the President, Sherzod Asadov.

"Are you in a good mood, are you okay here?" asked the President, wanting to know the opinion of the residents in the shopping center.

In response to Mirziyoyev, one of the women in the supermarket replied that the supermarket is good for them and the children are happy.

"All opportunities are for our children. I am happy to see you all," said the head of state.

Mirziyoyev also visited the "Yangi Batosh" neighborhood in the Karshi district.  It is noted that more than 4 thousand people live there.  There is a textile enterprise, a pharmacy, a higher education institution, as well as grocery stores, and service workshops in the area.

A home economics center is being established in the neighborhood.  The president inspected the conditions created in this center and gave orders to provide raw materials to the artisans here, to allocate certain rooms of the colleges in the densely populated neighborhoods to homemakers.

"The neighborhood is the biggest ground for learning a trade.  Using this tradition, it is possible to train young people based on home economics and mentor apprenticeship.  This will be both spiritual and material strength for them, especially women," says Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

It is reported that in addition to "Yangi Batosh", the center also serves neighboring neighborhoods such as "Batosh", "Khaniyan", "Taraqqiyot", "Dasht", and "Jumabozor". When it becomes fully operational, about 24 thousand people will be provided with work.


Qarshi Mirziyoev supermarket

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