The Central Bank releases information on the international currency reserves of Uzbekistan



The Central Bank has released information on the international currency reserves of Uzbekistan, as reported by the bank's Press Service.

It is noted that as of July 1, the official reserves of Uzbekistan amount to $33.72 billion, which is the lowest figure recorded since the beginning of this year.

The reduction in official reserves is mainly attributed to the decrease in assets denominated in foreign currency. The amount of assets in foreign currency decreased by $514 million compared to June, reaching $9.576 billion.

According to the publication "Spot," this is the lowest indicator recorded in the country since 2018.

In June of this year, the cash and deposits of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan with central banks of other countries and the International Monetary Fund decreased by more than 2.5 times in one month, from $1.4 billion to $565.5 million. However, the amount of reserve currencies kept in foreign banks increased from $8.7 billion to $9.0 billion during the same month.

Furthermore, the value of gold reserves relatively decreased during June. The gold component of the reserves now stands at $23.08 billion, which is $137 million less than the previous month.


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