The governorship of Kogon district has undergone a change



Former mayor of Kogon district in the Bukhara region, Muhiddin Esanov, has been dismissed and replaced by Otabek Qozoqov as the new mayor. This information was relayed by the press service of the regional government.

An extraordinary session of the Kogon District Council of People's Deputies took place today, March 13. The session was attended by regional governor Botir Zaripov, Sahob Sulaymanov, head of the Presidential Administration, heads of regional sectors, deputy regional governors, heads of regional enterprises and organizations, district council deputies, deputy district governors, officials, and local activists.

During the session, the regional governor, Botir Zaripov, addressed the attendees, noting that Muhiddin Esanov's health had recently deteriorated, hindering his ability to fulfill his duties effectively. Consequently, Muhiddin Turdiyevich Esanov requested to be relieved of his duties as district governor, and subsequently, he was released from his position.

Otabek Nodirovich Qozoqov, who previously served as the director of the "Gijduvan" free economic zone, has assumed the role vacated by Esanov.

It's worth mentioning that disciplinary action was taken against Hayot Davlatov, the mayor of Kogon city, on March 12.


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