A search is underway for a missing 17-year old girl in Kashkadarya



A 17-year-old girl who went missing after leaving her home on 26 July 2022 is being searched for in the Kashkadarya region.  The regional criminal investigation department informed KALAMPIR.UZ about this.

“We are looking for the daughter of Shahzoda Alimjonova Akbar, who was born on 1 January 2006, and lives in house 50, Dehkanchilik Street, Nasaf Mahalla, Karshi City,” said the report of the department.

The girl's features: around 165-170 cm height, black hair and medium to thick black eyebrows, medium-sized black eyes, oval-shaped face, medium-sized nose and ears.

It is noted that the girl was wearing a black and white dress and black shoes.

Anyone with information about this person are asked to call the following phone numbers: (75) 224-40-28, (75) 221-02-15 and (77) 022-14-01  .

“Any information provided by citizens is guaranteed to be kept confidential,” the report said.



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